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TAG Heuer’s Special Edition Of 2019

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Formula 1 prodigy Max Verstappen has cooperated with racing favorite TAG Heuer replica for the 3rd year in succession to bring out a new limited edition replica watch.
It was their first cooperation when 2019, Verstappen became the youngest Grand Prize driver in Spain, he was only 18 years and 227 days old. The watch was designed to commemorate this milestone event and it was steeped in patriotic pride, with a dial and rubber strap splashed in bright orange as a respect to the racer’s mother country, the Netherlands. 
The next year, the orange detail was changed to red, and there added a few alternations of Verstappen’s Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team to the rubber strap. A dual-color outer minute track was added, with the red part painted into ’33’, the racer’s official car number.
In 2019, the fake watch was changed to less vivid colors but remains astonishing. A black pearl dial substitutes the blue face of the last two models, while the handset and bezel markings remain a striking red. However, the new steel bracelet, with beautiful black ceramic center links, alters the overall appearance completely. Though apparently a sports replica watch, the new aesthetic gives a more versatile feeling.
It was reported that the Formula 1 driver watch had an extra hand, and the racer was obviously eager to express his loyalty to his country. A thin stripe in the national colors running down the right side of the dial, from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock, is a pleasant exquisite feeling.
The center links of the bezel are made from black ceramic to match the dial. Different from most chronograph tachymeter surrounds like ones on Rolex’s Daytona or TAG’s own Carrera, it features a jagged brim instead of a smooth one. It is an uncommon design that is often added to make an easy rotating bezel. Nevertheless, it makes the appearance more striking. It is also arbitrarily engraved to 240 units. Sitting on top of the 43mm steel case, it makes the whole watch a robust sturdiness.
TAG Heuer is advanced in chronograph technology since generations ago, providing official fake wristwatches for famous names such as Ferrari, Lotus, and Maserati, it has been sanctified to offer outfits for Formula 1 itself in the 1970s. So if a brand with this kind of heritage wants to equip one of their replica watches with a quartz movement, they have probably earned the right.