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Rolex “Red Submariner” dial variations of the 1970s

Here are all the different Red Submariner dial variations that appeared in the 1970s. Missing from this list is the first iteration of the Red Rolex Submariner dial, the MK1 dial, however, this is because they were produced in the late 1960s rather than the 1970s. It is estimated that these variations of the “Red Submariner” dial would appear on the reference 1680 replica watches until around the mid-1970s. Thereafter, they were replaced by dials featuring all-white text.
1. Red Submariner MK2 dial  
The first MK2 dial appeared at the beginning of the 1970s decade, as did the MK3 dial, which had an almost identical overall appearance. However, there are subtle differences between these two variations of the Red Submariner dial. The MK2 dial is of the meter-first variety and will have the name “SUBMARINER” printed in red over white.
2. Red Submariner MK3 dial
The red Rolex Submariner MK3 dial from the 1970s is very similar to the MK2 dial, also of the meter-first variety, open six. However, the red “SUBMARINER” text on the MK2 dial is printed on top of the white, while the MK3 dial will be printed directly on the dial surface.
3. Red Submariner MK4 Dial
The replica Rolex Submariner dial is the earliest version of the footprint, first appearing in the late 1970s and continuing to appear over the next few years. the MK4 dial features the word “SUBMARINER” printed in red on top of white, along with the very distinctive open six for the depth rating.
4. Red Submariner MK5 dial
Like the MK4 version, the MK5 Red Submariner dial is of the footed kind with open six hands, although the MK5 dial has fewer open six hands compared to the MK4. Unlike the MK4 dial, the MK5 model has the name “SUBMARINER” printed directly on the dial face in red, without the white backing. In addition, the MK5 dial has been in use slightly longer than the MK4, despite the fact that it first appeared at a relatively similar time.
5. Red Submariner MK6 Dial
The MK6 dial is the last red submarine dial to be equipped with tritium hour markers. Like the other later Red Submariner dials, the MK6 is of the footed type and, like the MK5, it features the red “SUBMARINER” name printed directly on the dial face without additional white backing.

New Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches


Baselworld 2019 is drawing near to us, which means a complete batch of novelties to comb through. Most eyes are on Rolex’s new releases just as is the case every year. While most of the attention is actually on their new sports watches, some of the fake Rolex‘s new dress watches are worth a review too. Now, let’s talk more here.
While Rolex firstly appeared the new Caliber 3255 with improved power reserve, precision, and resistance inside the Day-Date 40 in 2015, it was only a matter of time that the smaller Day-Date 36 models would get the same treatment.
In terms of design, the new-generation Day-Date 36 fake watches remain the iconic Rolex President style from the precious metal construction to the pair of calendar windows on the dial, to the semi-circular links on the metal bracelets. For this release, Rolex gives the new Day-Date 36 watches in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k Everose gold – some with fluted bezels and some with diamond-set bezels. 
There are a few dial options to choose from and the ombré styles in green, brown, and blue with diamond hour markers are particularly striking. Even though Rolex labels these concentric gradient dials as “novel,” those familiar with vintage Rolex replica watches will immediately recognize the similarity to vignette dials found on some older Day-Date and Datejust models.
Other dials offered thus far in the new Day-Date 36 collection include two hard-stoned dials, one in pink opal and the other in veined turquoise. Eventually, there’s also a full diamond pavé dial, further embellished with 10 baguette-cut, rainbow-colored sapphire indexes. 
Whether with a 41, 40, or 36mm case, the Day-Date, aka the Rolex President, has always been officially classified as a men’s watch. On the other hand, a ladies’ Rolex President refers to Lady-Datejust models fitted with a President bracelet. Even right now, if you take a view of replica Rolex’s website and click on the “Men’s Watches” tab, these new Day-Date 36 watches appear. Conversely, if you go to the “Women’s Watches” section, they are nowhere to be found.
To tell the truth, look at these new Day-Date watches – some of them are undeniably a bit feminine in design. I’m not saying a guy can’t rock these bejeweled gold watches but it’s clear that Rolex is targeting a female audience with some of these iterations. After all, it’s no secret that women have been taking Day-Date 36 for decades, so it is meaningful to offer designs with a more feminine flair. But I don’t get why Rolex won’t put them in the women’s section on the website.

How about your Favorite Deep Dive Replica Watches?

Dive replica watches are always the most popular model among all the tool watches and there are tremendous options to choose from. While it didn’t all begin with the Rolex Submariner, which was the version that most surely set the standard for others to follow and it is still among the best selling, and most counterfeited watches nowadays.
Famous fake Breitling Superocean M2000 makes the list of our favorite deep dive watches
A problem common to all dive watches with button-operated complications, including the digital ones, is the basic factor of having holes in the case for the pushers to sit in. That apparently creates a weak spot in the design, where water can seep in and damage the mechanism. By replacing the buttons with magnetic push-pieces, the M2000 eliminates the problem. The case can now be hewn from one solid block of metal, making it far stronger and more watertight, even two kilometers down. rolex replica watches
Similar to all good dive watches, the Superocean’s dial depends on a strongly contrasting color palette to keep optimum legibility, with a black face augmented by a choice of striking red, blue, or green ringed sub-dials. There is also the more traditional monochrome, white ringed, option. For low light readability, it consists of great helpings of Superluminova on hands and hour markers and the face is finished off with a small date window at the 4.30 position.
The other one is the amazing replica Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. The Deepsea is like the big brother who’s been at the steroids, which is very recognizably steeped in the design language that gave us the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller,
But while it may bear an unbelievable familial likeness, at least if you squint, it is what is going on inside Rolex replica ultimate Kraken that sets it such a long way apart from its siblings.
Nearly doubling the depth rating of the other two models on our list, Deepsea’s abilities are made possible by some really ground-breaking engineering, even by Rolex’s standards. The case back is 3.28mm thick, made from grade 5 Titanium, and is designed to flex slightly to soak up some of the amazing forces. Covering the dial is a domed sapphire crystal that measures some 5.5mm thick, able to withstand a weight of 4.5 tons pressing down on it.
It all adds up to a watch that not only goes far beyond the luxury replica tag Heuer and Breitling but is also the tiniest of the three. At 44mm in diameter and 17.7mm thick, it may be the largest Rolex of them all, but it is a full 10% smaller than a watch with its talents should be.
This year saw the Deepsea experience a slight update, with slimmer lugs leaving room for a wider bracelet and a more balanced feel. It received the state-of-the-art Cal. 3235 already powering the Sea-Dweller inside. An important reworking of its forerunner, the Cal. 3135, the new generation movement replaced around 90% of its components and provided unrivaled levels of reliability and accuracy.
Even though it might not share the versatile, dress up or down nature of its diving stablemates, the Deepsea is nevertheless one of the most formidably engineered and impressive creations to come out of a company renowned for pushing the boundaries in watch-making. Like the other two models in our list, it is the best fake watch strong enough to survive just about everything.